Custom Color Hardwood Flooring in Colorado Springs, CO

We are one of the only companies in the area that provides this service

Creations Hardwoods is proud to offer Colorado Springs, CO homeowners unlimited hardwood flooring color options. The process is simple. We will bring color samples for you to review. Once we decide on a color, we will install it in your home. Simple as that.

To learn more about our custom color hardwood flooring services in Colorado Springs, CO, call us today at 719-360-2658.

What your hardwood floor color can affect

What your hardwood floor color can affect

When selecting a hardwood floor color with Creations Hardwood, your options are unlimited. Though there are many options, certain colors or styles have different effects. For example:

  • Dark hardwood is harder to keep clean and requires more effort to maintain.
  • Dark hardwood shows more scratches, so if you have pets, this might not be the best choice.
  • Light hardwood will reflect light, which will make rooms much lighter.
  • Light hardwood does not hide imperfections in the wood.

Though each style has cons, both are potentially great options for your home. If you have questions about what color hardwood flooring to install in your Colorado Springs, CO home, speak with a member of the Creations Hardwood team today.