Why You Need To Avoid Flooring Brokers

Why You Need To Avoid Flooring Brokers

Don’t Hire The Wrong Person For Your Flooring Project in Colorado Springs, CO

Are you familiar with the term “flooring broker”? Flooring brokers are simply salesmen who do not have a background in hardwood floor installation. Their experience lies in sales and deal solely with contracting out the work to install with other businesses for the cheapest price possible This line of business also allows the broker to pocket 60% of the profit made from each project.

Additionally, because flooring broker’s hire other sub-contractors, there is no security or control into who is being invited into your home to do the work. Don’t get bogged down in a sticky situation with multiple contacts, zero guarantee, and cheap products. Instead, opt for hardwood floor installation experts such as the experienced and vetted professionals with a clean background from Creations Hardwoods.

The Biggest Difference Between Flooring Brokers And Floor Installation Contractors

A Compare And Contrast of Market Professionals in Colorado Springs, CO

Flooring brokers do not have actual experience installing floors, they only sell the product and pocket the profit. And as another red flag, there is no warranty offered to protect the home owner after installation is complete.
Comparatively, hardwood floor installation contactors work primarily on a day-to-day that consists of installing the product themselves. Creations Hardwoods offers a 1-year warranty and honor their workmanship, and this even extends beyond the timeframe as a honest family owned business practice.

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your floors and after-care by hiring a flooring broker.

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