Is Your Hardwood Flooring in Rough Shape?

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Is your hardwood flooring scratched and dented? Did a home appliance leak water onto your hardwood flooring? We can help. Creations Hardwoods completes hardwood restoration projects in Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding areas.
Hardwood flooring can get scratched and lose its vibrant color over time. But don’t worry, your hardwood flooring can withstand 10-12 sanding and restoration jobs throughout its life.
We have the tools to complete sanding work without gouging your flooring. Our hardwood surface damage restoration services will remove years of wear and tear from your hardwoods in no time at all.
If you need hardwood water damage repaired, we can handle that, too. We’ll replace sections that are beyond repair and refinish sections that need it. During the restoration, we’ll allow your hardwood flooring to dry, too.
Get in touch with us today to get the ball rolling on your hardwood restoration project.

4 benefits of hiring a professional for hardwood restoration services

Creations Hardwoods provides hardwood surface damage restoration services in Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding areas.
Restoring your hardwood flooring will:
  1. Bring out your flooring’s original, beautiful color
  2. Minimize the splintering and breaking of your hardwood flooring
  3. Save you money by allowing you to skip replacing the entire floor
  4. Add value to your home
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