Experienced Staircase Builder in Colorado Springs, CO

We can repair your current staircase or build you a new one

When your staircase needs to be repaired or replaced, do you know who to call?

Creations Hardwoods is one of the leading staircase builders in Colorado Springs, CO.

We want to be the team you trust to work on your stairs.

When you work with Creations Hardwoods, you get a team with more than 137 years of experience. We are committed to providing high-quality work.

Our experienced team provides the following services:

  • Design Services
  • Staircase repair
  • Staircase resurfacing
  • Staircase building
  • Full Rail Systems, including ballusters, rails, and post
In addition to these services, we can complete custom projects.
To get a free quote from a staircase builder in Colorado Springs, CO, contact us today.

3 things to consider when choosing a staircase design

Are you building a staircase in your home? Consider these three things when designing your staircase:
  1. Budget When considering a custom staircase, some designs are more expensive than others. Remember your budget when selecting a design.
  2. Safety When building a staircase, it is important to remember everyone who will use it. Do you have children at home who might not be able to use it safely? If you answered yes, you might consider a new design.
  3. Space Some homes might not be conducive to certain staircase styles or designs. Speak with a staircase builder in Colorado Springs, CO to make sure your design concept will work in your home.
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