Flooring Brokers, Pro’s & Choosing The Right Contractor For You!

As you go through the process of choosing the right company to invite into your home and perform this, or any work, take a moment to consider with whom you will be conducting your business. There are flooring professionals, and then, there are flooring brokers.

Brokers are middle men, basically salesmen, that typically have never worked on a floor. They come to your home, give a good pitch, and sell you a floor at a low price. In turn, they sell that product to a subcontractor they can find with liability insurance and an employer identification number.

The customer typically believes that the subcontractor is employed by the company that sold them the floor, and as long as everything goes as planned, they will be none the wiser. But, if there is a problem the customer may find themselves in a legal quagmire that can leave them with an incomplete floor or worse.

Creations Hardwoods are flooring professionals and have been installing, refinishing and restoring flooring, staircases and handrails for over 25 years. Even our administrative staff is required to go through floor training before they can discuss projects with our clients.

No matter what company you choose to perform the work on your home, we want you to have the best possible result. So here are some helpful tips on how to avoid some of the problems when selecting a flooring company.
  1. When interviewing a contractor, take notes during the estimate. Make sure all estimates include all the features you are considering, such as vents, floor base, type and number of coats of finish you want, etc. By doing this, all contractors are providing apples to apples estimates and you get the exact floor you want without surprises in the end.
  2. Interview at least 3 contractors.
  3. Know what you want. Contractors and their representatives are trained to look at your home and offer suggestions for the best results. However, this is your home, your style, your budget and your decision.
  4. Ask to see a list of the contractor’s employees to ensure you are not hiring a broker using fly by night contractors.
  5. Ask to see a sample of the contractor’s contract. We highly recommend looking for any clause regarding reviews. There is a new trend in which companies are including clauses that forbid negative reviews.
  6. Check on-line reviews. Although reviews on Google are not verified, reviews on Home Advisor, Thumbtack, and Angie’s List are. Creations Hardwoods is a member of both Home Advisor and Thumbtack and we invite you to check our reviews, as well as the reviews on our website at
  7. Ask to see a sample copy of their warranty.

We hope these tips help and wish you the best as you move ahead with your project!

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